Ghost Fancy takes true paranormal tales from the internet and retells them in a fun and comedic fashion which will leave both believers and skeptics entertained by the paranormal parodies.



When Colonel Howl Olivier Ween started Ghost Fancy Magazine, he set out to explore the finer things in this life and the next. None of that matters now. It has all but perished. His adoring staff, his hired help, his lavish soirees, and the poinsettia adorning his lapel were all lost to midnight’s ether. All he has have left is his lowly indentured servant, Indigo Cadaviar, purchased on a foray into Tasmania just a fortnight before the servant was to enter manhood.

He is Col. Howl Olivier Ween the third, editor-in-chief of Ghost Fancy Magazine and this is his final chariot ride into the unknown for one last elegant issue.

Ghost Fancy takes true paranormal tales from the internet and retells them in a fun and comedic fashion which will leave both believers and skeptics entertained by the paranormal parodies.

Written, Directed and Produced by Jason Ward & Randy Lo Gudice

Recorded/Engineered by Randy Lo Gudice

Main Cast: 

Randy Lo Gudice

Sal Perales

Jason Ward


For your convenience, our most common questions are answered right here.

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Q: What is Ghost Fancy? 

A: Ghost Fancy is a comedic audio drama hosted by Howl and Indigo. In most episodes Indigo brings a real paranormal story from the internet which has been performed by the cast and presented as parody.

Q: Where do you find the stories featured on Ghost Fancy? 

A: The stories are found online. Links to the original stories can be found in the notes of each episode. Often times a general citation is given during the episodes if it doesn’t get in the way of the performance. The best way to find the citations is in the release notes of the episodes.

Q: Who are Ghost Fancy’s main cast members?

A: The main cast of Ghost Fancy is Randy Lo Gudice as Howl. Jason Ward as Indigo. Sal Perales not only performs many reads for bits but plays such characters as Old Bear Hayes and more. A lot of fun and interesting guest appearances are planned for future voice work.

Q: I want to be a voice actor on Ghost Fancy. 

A: If you’re in Southern California, with reliable transportation and the time to work with us, send us an audition by emailing!

Q: What is the difference between bookends and bits?

A: Bookends are the pieces with Howl and Indigo that set up the bits. Bits are reenactments of “true” paranormal stories we found online. The main narrator in the bits is almost entirely the original text of the story performed by us. Additional lines and things like that are completely original as we sometimes find it funny to act out what the other people in a story might be thinking or doing. For instance in the bit with the woman that has a romantic encounter with a ghost, all of Cleetus’ lines are completely made up by us and not part of the original paranormal story. Check the episode release notes for links to the original story if you’re interested.

Q: Are you making parodies of the paranormal because you’re not a believer? 

A: Our belief or skepticism of the paranormal is irrelevant to us making parodies of the stories as it’s all done in good fun. Generally, we won’t parody a story we didn’t find fascinating and fun in some way.

Q: How many episodes of Ghost Fancy will there be? 

A: For the foreseeable future, each arc of Ghost Fancy is six episodes and constitutes a series. Before the release of Episode 1 of Ghost Fancy about 18 episodes have been written and most of series one has been recorded.

Q: What is original and what is found online? 

A: All of the interactions between Howl and Indigo are completely original. Even when we find a piece online, we will use a character we created and place them into the story. So while a story might feature a woman abducted by aliens, by the time it makes it on Ghost Fancy, that woman may be male and Japanese.

Q: Are these supposed to be scary or what? 

A: Not really. They’re supposed to be funny. When we do our job well, hopefully they’re extremely fun and maybe the stories will be a little frightening still.

Q: What is the purpose of the bookends? Why not just have the bits on the show?

A: The main story of Ghost Fancy is told through the bookends. As Series 1 moves along you will see that the bits and the bookends begin to support each other and make a larger and hopefully more entertaining listening experience. We have big plans for the Howl and Indigo’s journey in the future!

Q: Can I submit artwork for Ghost Fancy? 

A: Yes, please do draw your favorite Ghost Fancy moments for us to feature on the site! We do ask that if you send us art, it is as a gift we can use on the site. Because Ghost Fancy is an aural experience, we do not subscribe to the idea that the characters look any specific way other than what is mentioned on the show. Our artist Jared Jones draws what he thinks the characters look like based on our conversations with him. If you see characters looking differently than how we present them here, we would love to see what your mind’s eye sees! Submit fan art through the fan art submission page.

Q: Can I submit a paranormal story to Ghost Fancy?

A: Maybe. We currently have a large archive of stories we have enjoyed reading and would like to parody on the show in the future. We have found the ones that are not supposed to be funny are the ones which we have the best time making bits out of. But we’re always open to suggestions!

Q: What kind of audience if Ghost Fancy appropriate for?

A: Due to the nature of some of the bits, we recommend listeners be 14 years of age or older. Ghost Fancy has been marked as explicit both on iTunes and the Google Play Music store.

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